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Reality #1

In today’s world, the working couples are hard pressed for time to cook or run errands. While many use the food delivery companies or pick up a parcel on the way to their workplace, this obviously affects your health.

Reality #2

Dependency on a house keeping staff is a necessity and yet causes stress for the family since they come from an unorganised sector. Too many housekeeping staff in a residential community is undesirable.

Reality #3

Arranging for a plumber or electrician is difficult nowadays! They are not available for emergency repair and are also expensive. The problem is more for working couples as well as seniors in the complex.

Reality #4

Taking care of children returning from school until parents arrive from work is a challenge. Who will take care of the tiffin and homework? Addiction to mobile games and the digital world leads to avoidable obesity in your children.

Reality #5

Any large apartment complex or a gated community has a large number of seniors, many of whom are living alone. How do you care for them?

Namma Jini is available for all existing residential communities, projects under completion or on drawing board.

Namma Jini offers seamless services and care in your gated community or apartment complex

Namma Jini is available for all existing residential communities, projects under completion or planning.

You pay Namma Jini only for what you use

Basic Services

  1. Security Management
  2. Housekeeping
  3. Medical Care
  4. Health Management
  5. Electrician and Plumber

Pick and Choose Services

  1. Home cooked dabbas
  2. Homework teachers
  3. Organized outdoor games for children

Value Added Services

  1. Concierge services
  2. Entertainment
  3. Event management
  4. Medical Escort Services
  5. Caregivers
  6. Management of utilities

Why Namma Jini and what is so unique?

The benefits of youth and seniors living in the same community are manifold. For the youth, it improves social and emotional skills, respect and compassion for seniors, friendship and bonding. For seniors, it can lead to improved health and self-esteem, care, company and compassion.

  • First of its kind.
  • Provides structured services and care.
  • Backed by CovaiCare, India’s pioneer in senior living.
  • Experience shows organized planned services costs less vis-a-vis individual services and care.

About Namma Jini

  • Namma Jini is the brainchild of Colonel Achal Sridharan Founder & Managing Director of CovaiCare with 27 years of expertise in real estate and senior living with care.
  • CovaiCare is the pioneer in senior living and care for nearly two decades in South India.
  • Team NammaJini strongly believes that whether you have an apartment, villa or villament, there is much more to ease of living than design, cement and concrete.

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