India’s First Home and Health Management App

Our Packages And Services

Home Management

  • Security Management*
  • Domestic Housekeeping
  • Garbage Collection After Segregation
  • Drying of Clothes*
  • Plumber and Electrician
  • Dishwashing (Optional)

        Concierge Desk

  • Cab Arrangement
  • Appliance Repair Services

       Assisting in payment

  • Property Tax
  • Water Tax
  • Mobile recharge and payment
  • Electricity Bill

        Assisting in payment

  • Flight, Train and Bus Tickets
  • Cinema, Theater and Cultural programs



Health Management

  • Nursing Services
  • Measure, Maintain and Monitor health through CovaiMed
  • First Aid Facility
  • Hospitals Tie Up
  • Hospital Co-ordinator
  • Manage Caregivers


  • Consulting Doctor Visit
  •  Telemedicine

Pick and Choose Services

  • Meal Dabba
  • Tiffin for Children
  • Assistance in Food Preparation
  • Traditional Outdoor Games
  • Homework Teachers*
  • Folding of Clothing
  • Changing Bed sheet and pillow cover     
  • Dust and Deep Cleaning
  • Toilet Cleaning (Subject to AVL)
  • Hospital Escort
  • Emergency Hospital Admission and discharge support
  • Arranging caregivers
  • Funeral Services

Pick and Choose Services From NJ Partners(NJP)*

  • Pet Related Service
  • Diagnostic Service 
  • Laundry Service
  • Painting and Interiors
  • Curtains and Upholstery
  • Anti-Termite Control
  • Event Management
  • Event catering
  • Group Pilgrimage
  • Counseling Service
  • Physiotherapy
    And Many More

* Subject to availability

Namma Jini is available for all existing residential communities, projects under completion or on drawing board.

Everything You Need, In One App!

Nature of Service Current Reality Namma Jini 
Security Management Inefficient Efficient
Domestic Housekeeping Unorganised and Inconsistent Guaranteed and Supervised
Dishwashing Unorganised and Inconsistent Guaranteed and Supervised
Garbage disposal Inefficient Efficient (Bio and Non-bio Waste Disposal)
Concierge Services Unavailable Available and Efficient
Plumber & Electrician Tedious to Arrange On site and On demand
Arranging Appliances Repair Services Tedious to Arrange One Point of Contact
Assist in Booking Transport Services Time Consuming Greater Ease and Convenience
Property Tax to Individual Tax Time Consuming Greater Ease and Convenience
Health Management Unavailable Available and Efficient
Packaged Meals Food Delivery Services Home Cooked Food Dabbas
After-School Tiffin Unavailable Child- friendly Healthy Menus
Common Areas Housekeeping Tedious to Arrange Guaranteed and Supervised

More Reasons to Choose Us

  • First of its kind in the country
  • Availability of structured and professional services
  • Option to choose services
  • Better utilization of resources at a lesser cost
  • Monitoring and managing health
  • Care of elders at home during office time

About Namma Jini

  • Namma Jini offers seamless services and care for all ages in your own residential complex.
  • It is backed by CovaiCare, the pioneer in senior living in India.
  • Colonel Achal Sridharan is the Founder & Managing Director of CovaiCare. He carries decades of experience, not just in senior living, but also in real estate development.
  • Namma Jini is his latest brainchild.

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